Monthly Archives: March 2015

Choosing a snorkel

Here at Aquaholics we stock a wide range of snorkels at our shop in Puerto Princesa in beautiful Palawan Philippines. I often get asked the question,  'Martyn, which is the best one' and my answer is all of them! They all the job for which they were intended but they all have different features. So…
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Ouch… sunburnt divers alert!

Somebody once asked me if there was anything I hated about teaching SCUBA diving, I thought for a minute and then put my hand to my flaking scalp and said, yes getting my head burnt by copious amounts of Filipino sunshine in the gorgeous waters of Port Barton Palawan The trouble is that as we…
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To Dive on Air Or Nitrox that is the question!

Well the short and simple to the question is that it really DEPENDS Depends on what I hear you say?  Well what is the purpose of the dive, depth of dive , intended bottom time or maybe just as a safety measure. I often here so much nonsense discussed when it come to what is…
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