Ouch… sunburnt divers alert!

Somebody once asked me if there was anything I hated about teaching SCUBA diving, I thought for a minute and then put my hand to my flaking scalp and said, yes getting my head burnt by copious amounts of Filipino sunshine in the gorgeous waters of Port Barton Palawan

sunburntThe trouble is that as we all know water tends to magnify the effects of the sun on our skin and its easy to find that at the end of the day we see a bright pinkĀ  face staring back at us as we look in the bathroom mirror

I remember as a teen/young man, I would spend hours and hours soaking up the sun whilst on a Spanish/Greek holiday, only to race back home and put my whitest shirt on to show off my holiday tan. Now those days are long gone!

After two days of teaching a new SSI Open water Student my face and scalp, have gone a sort of light painful crimson colour. I feel fatigued and within a few days the skin starts to flake off. What with thinning hair and thinning ozone layer its time for us particularly the guys to cover up both for comfort and safety but what with?. I have even tried wearing a cap but as you women know we guys cant talk and think at the same time so easy for me to do a descent still wearing the cap…yes it gets a giggle off the student as I pull it from my head and push it into the BC. I tried a very expensive factor 50 spray from Nivea but is seemed to offer little defense against them rays.

block up 70Then a couple of weeks ago, a chap came into my office carrying a box with something in it called Block Up 70. He wanted to sell it from my shop on a sale or return basis. I said I tell you what I have many students to teach over the start of the Chinese New Year, let me buy 2 bottles and try it. I gave one bottle to our dive leader Irene and one for me and as I am that kind of guy, I let all my 7 students try it for free. I was in the sea seven out of the next 8 days and not a burn on me or our dive leader or any of our students. So yes you have guessed it, there are bottles and bottles of it in the Aquaholics office on Rizal Avenue at just 650 php a bottle. I cannot advocate it enough just how important it is to protect ourselves from those harmful rays and this product will help achieve that. After all who wants to come to the beautiful Philippines, just to hide from the sun. Why not enjoy the stunning SCUBA diving around spectacular Palawan in places like Port Barton,without getting fried!

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